The WtERT Decision Support System (WtERT-DSS), is an open-source web infrastructure developed by WtERT Germany under the auspice of The Global WtERT Council “WtERT®”, in order to provides a database pooling of research/papers/news and case studies gained by members of WtERT and the global community of experts, professional associations and Industries from the waste management sector to bring together a comprehensive source of information and a dedicated platform to interact and share expertise and opinions related to sustainable waste management worldwide.

The aim of WtERT-DSS is to enhances the ability to understand, witness and raise awareness of existing problems and solutions in the field of waste and resource management.

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If you want to advance your career, learn new skills and connect with like-minded professionals in the field of sustainable waste management, you need to join our community network WtERT Decision Support System. WtERT DSS is a platform for groups of people who share a common interest, passion or goal and learn from each other through regular interaction and collaboration. You will have access to a variety of content, newsletters, case studies and more…

WtERT DSS can offer you many benefits, such as access to valuable knowledge and insights from experts and peers around the world; networking opportunities to build relationships with mentors, partners or clients; feedback and support for your projects, challenges or ideas; and exposure to new perspectives, trends and best practices.

When you join WtERT DSS, it’s important to add value and share your knowledge and experience with others. You can do this by answering questions and providing advice or feedback; asking questions and seeking guidance; sharing relevant resources such as articles, books, or tools; initiating or participating in discussions and debates on topics of interest; collaborating with other experts on projects or initiatives; and recognizing and celebrating the contributions and achievements of other members.

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