WtERT Worldwide Chapters Chairs

Mohamed Abdallah
Mohamed AbdallahWtERT Emirates | University of Sharjah
Hani Abu Qdais
Hani Abu QdaisWtERT Jordan | Jordan university of science and technology
Chinnathan Areeprasert
Chinnathan AreeprasertWtERT Thailand | Kasetsart University
Werner Bauer
Werner BauerWtERT Germany
A.C. (Thanos) Bourtsalas
A.C. (Thanos) BourtsalasGlobal WtERT Council | Columbia University
Marco J. Castaldi
Marco J. CastaldiWtERT USA | City College of New York
Chris Cheeseman
Chris CheesemanWtERT U.K. | Imperial College London
Stefano Consonni
Stefano ConsonniWtERT Italia | Politecnico di Milano
Alexander Golberg
Alexander GolbergWtERT Israel | Tel Aviv University
Alex Godoy
Alex GodoyWtERT Chile | Universidad del Desarollo
Qunxing Huang
Qunxing HuangWtERT China | Zhejiang University
WtERT Morocco |
Aleksandar M. Jovovic
Aleksandar M. JovovicWtERT Serbia | University of Belgrade
Dagmar Juchelková
Dagmar JuchelkováWtERT Czech Republic | VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava
REDA M. KABBAJGlobal WtERT Council | WtERT Canada
Prof. Jong Ryeol Kim
Prof. Jong Ryeol KimWtERT Kazakhstan | Nazarbayev University
Dr. Anna Kurbatova
Dr. Anna KurbatovaWtERT Russia | RUDN University
Grzegorz Lisak
Grzegorz LisakWtERT Singapore | Nanyang Technological University
Maria Loizidou
Maria LoizidouWtERT Greece | NTUA
Mohy Saad Mansour
Mohy Saad MansourWtERT Egypt | Cairo University
Catherine N. Mulligan
Catherine N. MulliganWtERT Canada | Concordia University
Ange Nzihou
Ange NzihouWtERT France | IMT Albi
Samet Oturk
Samet OturkWtERT Türkiye | Bursa Technical University
Enrique Posada
Enrique PosadaWtERT Colombia
Yong-Chil Seo
Yong-Chil SeoWtERT Korea | Yonsei University
Er. Dilip.M. Shrotriya
Er. Dilip.M. ShrotriyaWtERT India
Masaki Takaoka
Masaki TakaokaWtERT Japan | Kyoto University
Nickolas J. Themelis
Nickolas J. ThemelisGlobal WtERT Council | Columbia University
Liliana N. Themelis
Liliana N. ThemelisGlobal WtERT Council
Yixi Tian
Yixi TianGlobal WtERT Council | Research Consultant
Yuri Schmitke Almeida Belchior Tisi
Yuri Schmitke Almeida Belchior TisiWtERT Brazil | ABREN
Costas Velis
Costas VelisWtERT U.K. | Leeds University
Hanwei Zhang
Hanwei ZhangWtERT Asia

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