MatER Study Center-WtERT Italia, organizes its 6th MatER Meeting together with the 7th International Conference on Final Sinks. The conjunction of the two events arises from the link between the fundamental goal of MatER and Final Sinks conferences. The former included all aspects related to technical and operating requirements and perspectives of options and policies for material and energy recovery from waste, whilst the latter focused on topics related to handling alternatives of material flows and stocks, either from resource exploitation and conservation aspects than from their environmentally sound perspectives.

Both events share the common address of analyzing, as a whole, the potentials available for enhancing the transition towards more sustainable waste management systems, which is specifically now included as the main general issue of the forthcoming edition of the joint meeting.

Due to the common interest in the field of the circular economy, in the reusing, recovering, and recycling of waste materials and many other themes, the 2 conferences will merge and the event is going to take place from 5th to 7th of June 2023.

The event is organized by LEAP – Laboratorio Energia Ambiente Piacenza with the scientific support of DICA (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Energy Department of Politecnico di Milano.

The 3-days Meeting will comprise oral and poster presentations over these indicative subjects:

  • Waste prevention and management
  • Material & Energy recovery from waste
  • Final Sinks
  • Innovative technologies and digital solutions
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Normative and Economic framework

According to the nature of the MatER Study Center and the International Conference on final sinks, for the last day of the event (Wednesday, June 7th) we will give you the opportunity to attend a technical virtual visit to energy recovery from waste facility, thanks to the collaboration with our industrial partners, and multiple technical presentations by our sponsors.

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